The last best hope for Owston’s civet

The jungles of the central Annamites are renowned for their incredible small carnivore diversity: the number of sharp-toothed furry critters roaming these forests should send a shiver of fear down the back of anything rabbit-sized or smaller: and a shiver of pleasure to any tropical biologist who happens to find himself in this corner of Southeast Asia. Read more…

With thanks to Mr. Nabokov

When I recall my time in Xe Sap, I am, to steal a phrase from Vladimir Nabokov, “thinking of aurochs and angels.” It’s a bittersweet mixture. The aurochs, those extinct animals that live now only as ghosts of the past, haunt the region. Gone are the days when Sahib Stripes, the mighty tiger, roamed these jungles: he is now a black and burnished orange memory. Read more…


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